Wireless lpr camera

While it may support other brands, this product should be used with GeoVision products for best results. If you have With its multiple LEDs and With its multiple high power LEDs and Varifocal mm Lens 44 License Plate Recognition - now simpler than ever. LPR camerasalso known as license plate recognition cameras, are a specialized type of camera that are engineered to capture highly detailed images of license plates passing through the camera's target zone at any time of day or night.

Most LPR cameras have an infrared cut filter to cancel out ambient lighting so tail lights, direct sunlight, or surface reflections do not wash out the image.

We also recommend that you install an overview camera to work in tandem with your LPR camera. The reason behind this is that while LPR cameras are great at capturing clear shots of license plates, details of the vehicle are usually obscured by the contrast of the IR cut filter or lost because they only record in black and white.

Due to the specialized nature of these cameras, they aren't a great fit for every location. There are some that benefit from them more than others.

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wireless lpr camera

My Wishlist. Page 1 2 Next. Compare Selected. License Plate Recognition LPR Cameras LPR camerasalso known as license plate recognition cameras, are a specialized type of camera that are engineered to capture highly detailed images of license plates passing through the camera's target zone at any time of day or night.

What are license plate recognition cameras?

wireless lpr camera

Tollways : Using LPR cameras in conjunction with your city or states license plate database can automatically charge drivers for using a tollway. Security Checkpoints : Immediately know who is and isn't authorized to enter your facility with an LPR camera solution.

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Most excellent tech support from Tim. Very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Fully resolved my issue.

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Great customer support!!!! Tim in Tech Support has been very helpful when we needed to add new cameras or troubleshoot issues. Tim understands what great customer support is all about. This company stands behind their products. I can't say enough about their tech support!

Tim from support was so patient and more than willing to help. We have several CCTV systems and won't buy anything else, solely due to their support! Won't find anything else like it. Well done, service is excellent, shipping on time. These folks there are well train to handle your concern if needed. Easy to install. I get all my screen viewing on my monitor, phone or tablet. Its a peace of mind when your not home. Like they say in the movies -action -and you can see what's going on your property.

Quick Guide to Best License Plate Security Cameras

Thanks again cctv keep up the good works i give folks a 5star. Easily the best company you can do business with. I can't believe the level of service and professionalism you get from their sales and support departments for the low price. Ship the system right out to you for free and help you get all set up once you receive it. Their tech support department will help you with any issues you may have in the future.

It just works. The reviews don't lie This is the place to get your security system. I placed an order for some camera for an existing system and they called and verified that the cameras would work with my system. Awesome camera system and very helpful tech support. Definitely will recommend to friends and family! Thank you! Extremely patient and courteous.

The most professional Technical support that I have experienced by far. Just bought and installed my security pros system.

Capture License Plates at Night With This Powerful LPR Camera!

Loved the ease of installation. Hooked everything up and now I can watch my warehouse while I'm working or spending time with family. Great peace of mind. Customer service was really good. I had a lot of questions and they were very patient and told me everything. Really good pricing too.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

When you think of surveillance, what comes to mind? Usually we think about finding the perfect cameras to capture high quality video of other people.

However, a complete surveillance system may be about more than tracking human movement. Many business and property owners also need to keep tabs on cars that enter and exit their premises. If you are looking for a security camera to capture and record license plate numbers, then you are in luck. We just got a new camera in stock at Nelly's Security that is perfect for you. It produces silky smooth video at 60fps and can even record license plates at night with its foot IR distance.

If you're already sold, you can click here to check it out. But if you're wondering what an LPR is, how to properly install it to get the best results, and how to use the software to search through license plates, then keep reading! When it comes to capturing license plates, you're going to need a dedicated camera designed for that sole purpose.

A regular security camera won't work.

wireless lpr camera

But you do have a couple of options, depending on your needs. If all you're looking for is a camera that can take pictures and video anytime a license plate moves through the frame, then you could probably get by with a license plate capture camera LPC. But for most people looking to record license plates, the limited set of tools LPC cameras offer simply aren't going to cut it.

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Chances are, you're not going to have the time to record by hand every license plate captured by your camera. So when the time comes for you to locate a specific license plate, you'll have to sift through loads of picture and video files before you find the right plate. This could turn into a very time-consuming task.

If you're looking for a time-saving device that can recognize license plate numbers and automatically pull them into a database for easy searching, configurable filtering, and instant retrieval, then you need something more advanced than an LPC. This is where a license plate recognition camera LPR comes into play.

But what sets the LPR apart is its ability to convert the picture of the license plate to text.Skip to main content LPR Camera.

Currently unavailable. Although you get less in the box than you would with a full retail product - there is no POE injector included for example - you pay significantly less than a full retail product. See All Buying Options. In Stock. Ordered three of these. I was hesitant at first due to lower cost relative to the other like products. I felt something must not be right.

I've now had these cameras up and running continuously using both Blueiris and Synology Surveilance Station. Each NVR software needed a little tweaking of the settings to get everything just right The cameras have some great night vision and other controls that you find in the more expensive PTZ cameras.

I am very pleased with these cameras so far. I also had a question when I first got the cams so I contacted their Add to cart. I first reviewed this camera with 1 star without understanding the setup of the camera and not asking support from HDView customer service. But after I asked the help and support from from HDView customer service to setup the camera, I extremely amazed and satisfied with the way the customer service and support when I needed them for technical issue.

I extremely recommend this product. I first tried a cheap unit with "high resolution". Didn't work. I could not make out the tags. Then I installed this one. What a difference!

License Plate Capture Cameras, License Plate Recognition, LPR Camera

You can zoom and focus to get a great picture covering the desired area. I can clearly read the tags, even at 30 mph. It works best for me when the camera is mounted low.

I have several of these cameras in 6mm and 4mm around my home. These work great and are confirmed English upgradeable, as I have upgraded most of them with the firmware from the European Hikvision site. I have bought from SecuPlus and Safeguard Designs, and they both work great 2 months in.

I also use Blue Iris to manage my cameras.Advanced Search Search Tips. The Systems are available in a variety of forms or levels be it stand-alone top tier attributes including advanced LPR or simply license plate capture of vehicles entering or exiting facilities, neighborhoods, education campuses and so on.

Short Range to long range capture including coverage for multiple lanes and high speed applications is all configurable.

Many applications can utilize low profile SS-LPR-W models for wireless connection back to a facility or existing network for the most competitive cost per unit. These specially configured surveillance cameras allow highly effective night time capture of license plates by dimming out the visible light spectrum, effectively blacking out the image and utilizes instead the IR illumination returned from reflective plates for clean plate capture.

No typical camera these units at night provide solely vehicle plate capture and thus what is often referred to as an Over-view camera is used along-side the plate cameras in order to capture typical video or snapshots of the same scene. A2Z Wireless and Communications: The simplest models of A2Z's SS-LPC series is designed to operate as a wireless extension of professional IP surveillance solutions such as facilities that need to capture a remote entry point, this could be the guard shack of a corporation, power plant, prison, military base or otherwise.

wireless lpr camera

A variety of high powered network based radio communications options allow such SS-LPC systems to operate with minimal remote equipment, reduced cost and size. The next level of SS-LPC includes built-in, High Capacity Recording via a dedicated recorder, this greatly improves capture reliability and allows options like 4G communications for totally off-site surveillance. Be it 4G cellular or Point-to-point wireless communications A2Z's experts can help you decide what frequencies, wireless methods and related gear are best.

Alternate transmission methods may also be applicable such as Fiber to even Satellite for Metadata uplink. However a clear distinction is made between "Client" based systems that do not feature on-board recorders compared to units that do include long-term recording and full featured video management.

Either system style that includes a recorder also includes scalable storage sizes offered in terabytes. A2Z's License Plate Capture Camera Systems provide the full range of live viewing, search including time-line, event and special search methods, playback and export options. The SS-LPR solutions will grant actual license plate data base, configurable rules for alerts or notifications, GPS tagging, historical search as well as data import or export and so on.

Constructed with custom Traffic grade enclosures, flexible hardware mounting and the latest Solar Technologies like an MPPT charge controller our systems. A2Z Experts provide solutions in a plug and play manner for installation that couldn't be simpler and offer on-going remote support to ensure your system operates properly.

License Plate Camera

Systems are designed by region, per environment and per project as needed by A2Z Experts. These solutions are scalable and adaptable to almost unlimited demands and so we encourage you to contact our experts for more information.

What are the applications for Solar License Plate Cameras? A2Z's innovative Solar Power License Plate Capture Camera Systems provide simplified deployment of highly effective video security and video surveillance systems.Thanks for your subscription! IP security cameras come many types and have seemingly endless feature options. There are 3 popular IP security cameras on the market: p, p and p IP security cameras.

View the comparison of the 3 types of security cameras here: p VS p VS p security camera. Most IP camera companies currently offer p IP security cameras. However, here comes the question: would p IP security cameras be enough for identification of vehicles and the general information on people? If you want to know whether your p IP security cameras can identify the license plate and the general information on people, a parameter — PPF pixels per foot — can tell.

The parameter means that you need to calculate the proper lens and resolution combination for identification. How does PPF work?

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How can you reach this figure? To arrive this figure, you simply divide the camera's resolution height e. Important Note : The below tests are done by our tech team. The installation environment, the configuration of the cameras and other factors would affect the testing results. You might not recognize the license plates if the installation is too dark, or the distance between your security cameras and the car's license plates is too far away.

Most experts agree that for proper identification of facial and license plate recognition, the minimum measurement should be no less than 40 PPF. In order to know clearly whether your IP cameras can identify a license plate or a person, let's set the field of view of a subject a car or a person is 40 feet.

Well, now let's calculate the PPF of p, p and p IP security cameras together to confirm whether these high resolution cameras are license plate recognition cameras LPR cameras. A p IP security camera is x pixels. The horizontal resolution isand the field of view is 40 feet.

Just like the above, a p IP security camera is x A p IP security camera is x Thus 4MP p IP security cameras are currently the best cameras for number plate recognition for residential use. FYI : To help you choose the right megapixel resolution IP security camera of achieving your objective level of detail, you can get some reference in the facial and license plate recognition chart. From the above analysis, you can see that whether your cameras can identify vehicle and the information on people mainly depends on the camera's resolution height and the field of view.There are two types of license plate cameras on the market: true LPR license plate recognition cameras, and standard security cameras that are capable of reading license plates.

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The second type of camera is commonly known as LPC, or license plate capture. They are generally able to read license plates on one or more lanes of vehicles traveling at highway speeds and have some type of built-in or optional diffusable infrared to illuminate the license plate but not over-illuminate to the point where the reflection is all that is seen. Infrared is generally not diffusable at this price range. The configuration of cameras to be able to read LPs in daytime and night-time include adjusting frame rate, exposure, and lighting to coincide with vehicle speeds.

In Custom Video Security was asked by an HOA in the upscale neighborhood of Bel Air, CA to install LPR cameras in two intersections leading into this residential neighborhood to help prevent crime in this area, as well as to identify the owners of vehicles used in conjunction with the home burglaries and home invasions.

Photos will posted at the end of this article.

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Note that there is no true WDR or HLM, but the 10x motorized lens and vandal-proof body made it a low-cost alternative to our competition, and that is what allowed us to win the bid. Some of the LP reads are not as clean as they could be, and that is mainly due to the fact that the camera is installed to the far right of the sidewalk of this intersection.

The customer was happy with the price and performance of the cameras because they can make out plates well enough in both day-time and night-time conditions. Setup options are explored.

This is a sample video for daytime and night time views on initial configuration. The disadvantages to using this camera are: 1 beyond 15 MPH, the accuracy of the reads starts to drop by double-digit percentages; 2 traffic should be going in the same direction in all lanes, otherwise two or more cameras would be required for accurate reads; 3 a Hikvision NVR would be required to record footage and have LPR recognition with LPR database entries.

There are two models of this camera available: one with 2. It has double the resolution of the Hikvision and a longer telephoto zoom lens to see further away. None of our customers who have purchased this camera has reported any issues or limitations with this camera, and speeds are rated to up to 50 MPH. Starlight mode allows the camera to see the colors of vehicles at night time, as long as there is sufficient ambient lighting.

And for a limited time, we are offering a free upgrade to the ePoE extended PoE version of this camera. Here is a video of this camera in action when properly configured for nighttime and daytime settings at another HOA in Southern California:.

The horizontal angle of incidence should be within degrees ideally, or up to degrees maximum, with a vertical angle of 20 to degrees. There should be sufficient lighting where license plates are to be captured.

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